Policies to Lessen Income Inequality – Heather McCulloch, MS; Diana Elliott, PhD

According to a March 2018 Bloomberg report, “U.S. wage growth remains slow and uneven, with African-Americans and women still at a clear disadvantage while the wealthiest are accumulating more money than ever…” While the issue of inequality continues to permeate news cycles and ranks high as a public policy concern, we have not reached a consensus on what to do about it.

In this session, Diana Elliott and Heather McCulloch will present different perspectives on policies to lessen inequality and build families economic security.  Diana Elliott, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate at the Urban Institute, will highlight key themes from national programs that have successfully served those in deep poverty and will address the barriers that prevent better serving this population.

Heather McCulloch, founder and executive director of the Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap initiative, will expand the conversation beyond income to wealth inequality, arguing for a broad set of solutions to address the drivers of economic insecurity for women and their families.  She’ll delve into the root causes of the gender and racial wealth gaps and will explore public policies and private sector practices that can help close the gap by helping low-income women to save, invest and preserve financial assets.

The audience will have the opportunity to converse with the speakers.