Disrupting the Stories that Justify Inequality and Poverty – Chuck Collins

We are living through a period of extreme inequality, where the gap between rich and poor is at its greatest level since the Gilded Age a century ago.  But our national conversation about how to reverse these inequalities is equally polarized.  While some are alarmed by persistent poverty along concentrated wealth, many subscribe to powerful myths and narratives of deservedness that justify inequality and prevent us from seeing systemic causes.  How do we disrupt these narratives of meritocracy and deservedness?  What strategies can we deploy to reverse inequality in our lifetimes?

Inequality expert Chuck Collins speaks with the heart of an agitator and the soul of a storyteller, upends our assumptions about America’s deep wealth divide.  Born into the 1 percent as the great grandson of meatpacker Oscar Mayer, Collins gave away his inheritance at the age of 26 and committed himself to working for economic and racial justice.  His book Born on Third Base, Collins busts the myths that define our views of rich and poor, and offers bold new solutions for bridging the economic divide and re-engaging the wealthy in rebuilding communities for a resilient future.