When Does Social Innovation Financing Encourage Economic Mobility?

Friday, October 7 | 10:15am


  • Sarah Kuck Jalbert, Senior Associate, U.S. Health Division, Abt Associates
  • Celeste Richie, Director, Social Innovation Fund Portfolio, Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc.
  • Nicole Truhe, Government Affairs Director, America Forward

Carson Biederman, Managing Partner, Mustang Group, President, Digital Fuel Capital

Room 3545

There are new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) provisions allowing for pay for performance (P4P) contracting. This interactive presentation will explore the components and strategy behind P4P, and the necessary data and evaluation considerations for a successful P4P project. The presentation will include an overview of WIOA and discuss how states can use the new provisions to the fullest effect, providing several examples of state and local governments who are currently exploring P4P strategies and some of the lessons that have already been learned. Participants will gain the tools necessary to explore how P4P can be used to improve outcomes for marginalized populations.