Using Rigorous Impact Evaluation to Learn What Works in Reducing Poverty

Thursday, October 6 | 10:45am


Caterina Hill, Research Associate, Harvard Medical School, Manager of Research and Evaluation at the Family Van, Co-Investigator, Mobile Health Map

Presentation Notes
Julia Chabrier & Jason Bauman Presentation Notes

Policymakers and practitioners are actively innovating and experimenting with approaches to address poverty. Yet too often, they must act without the benefit of rigorous evidence about what has been tried and proven elsewhere, or of learning after the fact which of their own policies and programs were most effective. Rigorous impact evaluations can be a powerful tool for generating evidence about the effectiveness of social programs, empowering policymakers and practitioners to improve existing programs and catalyzing the funding and political support necessary for scaling up effective programs. This interactive workshop will provide a framework for understanding the value of rigorous evaluation and identifying opportunities to build rigorous evaluation into the design and implementation of social programs.