SNAP to Skills: Interagency Leveraging of the Universal Safety Net or Interagency Efforts to Strengthen Levels of Human Capital

Thursday, October 6 | 10:45am

Kevin Concannon, Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services, USDA (Featured Presenter)

Marylou Sudders, Secretary, Executive Office of Health and Human Services

Presentation Slides
Kevin Concannon & Marylou Sudders Presentation Slides

We are living in a unique era, where food insecurity and obesity co-exist as threats to the nation’s health. Over 14% of households in the United States report some level of food insecurity (not having enough food to lead an active, healthy life); among families with children, that number jumps to nearly 20%. Food insecurity is associated with a variety of negative health outcomes, particularly among children and older adults. During this session, Under Secretary Concannon will advocate for stronger federal, state, and local interagency linkages that include employment and skill building and their intersection with human health and capacity building.