Humanizing the Chronically Poor: Beyond $2 a Day

Friday, October 7 | 10:15am

Kathryn Edin, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Public Health, Johns Hopkins University (Featured Presenter)

Donna Jeffers, Managing Trustee, Edgewood Trust, Owner, Canneberges Becancour Management Co.

Alumni Lounge

Dr. Edin will focus on several innovative solutions to the rise in $2 a day poverty in the U.S. since 1996, including expanding work opportunity, insuring that all parents can raise their children in a place of their own, and a restored cash safety net for those at the bottom, perhaps through remaking the EITC and CTC. The talk will outline several (14) policy recommendations under those three general principles. Edin will also advocate for a litmus test for all anti-poverty policy approaches going forward: will they serve to integrate or separate the poor?