Nancy Ashley, JD

Systems & Policy Analyst, Office of Policy & Innovation, Children’s Home Society of Washington

Nancy is a Systems & Policy Analyst in the Office of Policy and Innovation at Children’s Home Society of Washington. She is coordinating pilot projects to test the integration of the Mobility Mentoring model in Early Head Start home visiting in two sites in Washington State and Parents as Teachers home visiting in one additional site. Nancy also leads the King County Child Welfare-Early Learning Partnership Project, designed to ensure access to community-based early learning, early intervention and infant/early childhood mental health programs for children ages 0-5 and their caregivers who are involved in the child welfare system.

For eighteen years prior, Nancy was the principal of Heliotrope, a consulting firm that focused on system change and strategic planning in the areas of early learning, afterschool care, youth development, domestic violence, juvenile justice, and basic needs. Her clients came from the philanthropic, local and state government, social services and business sectors. She provided staff support to business leaders who led a five-year proof-of-concept trial of the Parent-Child Home Program in the Seattle area, which led to its current expansion to serving over 1,000 families a year. Nancy practiced law for nine years prior to her consulting work.

She has been a foster and fictive parent to a mentee with developmental delays and her brother, which has provided 15 years of lived experience on the need to provide every child with the sturdy brain architecture they need to successfully navigate school, work and parenting.