Margaret Miley, MS

Strategic Advisor, The Midas Collaborative

Margaret Miley has a bachelor’s degree in economics and an MS in business. In 1991, while running a small business by day and training Central American refugees at night, she decided to deploy her combined skills in the community development field. Since then, she has developed and managed many types of non-profit economic development programs, community leadership, business training & lending, a business incubator, and worker-owned companies. In 1999, she saw the promise of asset development when she joined Acre Family Daycare in Lowell, which started the first Individual Development Account Program in Massachusetts. She was the founding executive director of the Midas Collaborative.

Margaret was Commissioner on the Massachusetts Asset Development Commission, has spoken nationally on the topics of community-based economic development and asset-building, and is the author of a number of publications on financial education and asset-building. She serves on the Steering Committee of the Massachusetts Financial Education Collaborative, the Advisory Council for Private Occupational Schools for Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation, and represents Massachusetts in the Assets & Opportunity Scorecard partnership of the Corporation for Enterprise Development in Washington, DC. She hopes to find the time to keep bees in the future.