Jason Gortney, MA

Director, Office of Policy and Innovation, Children’s Home Society of Washington

Jason Gortney serves as director of the Office of Policy and Innovation at Children’s Home Society of Washington, the state’s oldest and largest nonprofit organization serving children and families. In this role, he leads the organization’s work in advocacy, systems reform and innovation to support children and families adversely impacted by poverty, systemic inequities and toxic stress. Since 2014 he has also served as the lead for the Washington Innovation Cluster in partnership with Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child with the goal of driving science-based innovation to seek breakthrough outcomes for young children facing adversity. Since 2011 he has collaborated with researchers from around the country to co-create and test new interventions in early childhood and behavioral health services. Prior to his current role, he worked in program leadership and direct service in the areas of home visiting and out-of-home care for more than 15 years. He has facilitated numerous trainings and has presented at conferences and events nationally and internationally. He appeared in the 2015 PBS documentary, Born to Learn: Brain Science and Early Learning, and he was recently interviewed for a story appearing in The Atlantic Magazine. Gortney earned a master’s degree from the University of Arkansas in 1997, and he joined Children’s Home Society of Washington in 2001.