Garrison Kurtz

President, Dovetailing

Garrison Kurtz is founder and President of Dovetailing, LLC, a consulting firm based in Seattle founded on the premise that successful solution and action are supported by connections among people, ideas and initiatives. Garrison has worked as an executive in the private, public and non-profit sectors and brings his varied experience and expertise across the fields of education, health, human services, and philanthropy to each project. He has worked and consulted for twenty-five years on numerous efforts to improve policy and practice, advocate for effective policy, promote strategic grant making and evaluate and accelerate success.

Because of Dovetailing’s focus and expertise in making connections, Garrison often works alternately at the conceptual level – such as facilitating conversations about the direction of initiatives, and at the tactical level –such as creating theories of action for advocacy and grant initiative and evaluating their efficacy. Having developed, executed and funded various efforts to advance health, human service, and early learning through higher education programs and policies, Garrison quickly sees connections.

Garrison considers his greatest accomplishment the successful parenting of his married daughter who works in financial services in New York and his son who works in early learning in the state of Washington. Garrison spends time outside of work serving on boards and as an informal advisor to health, education, youth development and civic engagement organizations.