Anne E. Price

President, Insight Center for Community Economic Development

Anne E. Price Is the President of the Insight Center for Community Economic Development. She is an experienced researcher, advocate and trainer. Anne has spent 25 years in the public sector working on a wide range of issues including child welfare, hunger, welfare reform, workforce development, community development and higher education. Over the last five years, Anne has led the Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative which seeks to elevate the research and perspectives of experts of color in national economic debates and policymaking. Prior to joining the Insight Center, Anne served as Project Director for California Tomorrow’s Community College Access and Equity Initiative. Anne also spent several years at Seattle’s Human Services Department where she served as the Community Development Block Grant Administrator and Strategic Advisor to the Director.

Anne holds a B.A. in Economics from Hampton University and earned her M.A. in Management and Policy Analysis from the New School’s Milano Graduate School of Management and Urban Policy in New York City.

About the Insight Center
Founded in 1969, The Insight Center for Community Economic Development is a national, research, consulting and legal organization dedicated to helping people and communities become and remain economically secure. We seek a society that recognizes the value, dignity and creative potential of the overlooked and underappreciated. At the Insight Center we believe that our work must serve to expand the life chances of people in distressed and disinvested communities. Insight envisions a nation where that no matter your zip code, your race or your gender, you have the resources, opportunities and support you need to realize your potential and live a dignified life.