Conference Presenters

Elisabeth Babcock, MCRP, PhD

President and CEO, Economic Mobility Pathways

Anthony Barrows, MFA, MPA

Managing Director, ideas42

Mary Coleman, PhD

Senior Vice President and COO, Economic Mobility Pathways

Chuck Collins

Director, Program on Inequality, Institute for Policy Studies

Michelle Derr, PhD

Senior Researcher, Mathematica Policy Research

Diana Elliott, PhD

Senior Research Associate, Urban Institute

Norma Egan

EMPath Program Participant

David T. Ellwood, PhD

Director, Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy, Isabelle and Scott M. Black Professor of Political Economy; Harvard Kennedy School

Eric Fleegler, MD, MPH, FAAP

Boston Children’s Hospital, Division of Emergency Medicine

Paul Francisco

Chief Diversity Officer & Head of Workforce Development Programs, State Street Corporation

John N. Friedman, PhD

Associate Prof. of Economics and International and Public Affairs, Brown University

Nathalie Kylander, PhD

Managing Director, DRK Foundation


EMPath Program Graduate

Heather McCulloch, MS

Founder & Director, Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap Initiative

Nisha G. Patel, MSW

Managing Director of Narrative Change & National Initiatives, Robin Hood

Claude Steele, PhD

Social Psychologist, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University

Somava Stout, MD

VP IHI & Exec. Lead of 100 Million Healthier Lives

Luke Tate

Asst. VP & Exec. Director of Opportunity Initiatives at Arizona State University

Lauren Taylor

Doctoral Candidate, Harvard Business School

Monnica Williams, PhD, APBB

Associate Professor, Psychological Sciences & Psychiatry

Andrew Volmert, PhD

Director of Research, FrameWorks Institute