Disrupting the Poverty Cycle: Breakthrough Interventions and Outcomes Conference 2016

The harmful effects of poverty are wide reaching and persistent. Poverty diminishes human health and wellbeing, and erodes schools, neighborhoods, communities, and civic life—generation after generation. Breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty requires concerted effort at many levels, across multiple sectors. It involves directly supporting the individual capabilities and personal transformations of those affected by poverty, while simultaneously dismantling the systematic root causes of poverty; reforming the economic and social systems that give rise to unjust conditions.

EMPath’s biennial Disrupting the Poverty Cycle Conference provides a forum for stakeholders across diverse sectors engaged in this powerful and critical work to share evidence-based approaches, discuss innovative solutions, and build active networks that sustain enduring intergenerational exits from poverty. We bring together academics, advocates, artists, authors, entrepreneurs, practitioners, philanthropists, program participants, government officials, research scientists, and service providers, from fields including public health, child development, social work, public policy, neuroscience, education, economics, and business.

The 2016 conference theme — Breakthrough Interventions and Outcomes — underscores the urgent question: Which science-informed applications and public policy interventions foster the greatest promise and possibility for outcomes that advance and sustain intergenerational economic mobility? Beyond simply addressing the “problem of poverty”, the purpose of the conference is strategizing around what works in alleviating poverty, and how to use that knowledge effectively.

Through panel presentations, interactive workshops, plenary speakers, and a facilitated roundtable conversation with foundation leaders, we explore:

  • How to leverage human capacity and mobilize innovative, creative partnerships that create economic mobility
  • How to best use local and national data to predict and prevent poverty and conduct rigorous evaluation to learn which approaches are most effective
  • Promising new federal strategies for strengthening child and family outcomes
  • Strategic approaches to disrupting intergenerational cycles of poverty, informed by neuro- and behavioral- science
  • The role of the for-profit sector in forging pathways out of poverty
  • The transformational power of the arts to promote economic mobility and social justice

This year’s exciting program also features visual art by homeless artists (ArtLifting) and musical performances by inner-city youth from the Roxbury Youth Orchestra (inspired by El Sistema).

The 2016 Disrupting the Poverty Cycle Conference matters to scholars, practitioners, change agents, and everyone working to reduce economic inequity and injustice and enhance economic mobility, security, and resilience. What we learn, share, and apply to this vital work also matters deeply to the thousands of homeless families right here in Boston, the millions living in poverty across the country, and the overall health and prosperity of nations.

EMPath is delighted to host this dynamic event, and we look forward to seeing you in October. Together we will learn and share solutions to poverty, gain and provide insight and resources, spark new communities of knowledge and practice, and Disrupt the Poverty Cycle!

2016 Conference Goals

  • Hold a vital engaging forum on poverty and economic mobility, rooted in contemporary economic conditions and policy debates
  • Foster cross-pollination between academics, program leaders, public officials, and low-income individuals
  • Provide every attendee with at least two new ideas that can reshape and improve their work