About EMPath

Poverty is complex, so EMPath thinks differently & works differently.

EMPath’s legacy of empowering low-income people dates back to 19th Century in Boston. But over the past several decades, as the economy changed and inequality grew, EMPath noticed a striking change. The new knowledge-based economy was becoming more and more complex–and so too was fighting poverty.

To better help its families, EMPath looked in its own backyard. It listened to low-income individuals and direct service workers for on-the-ground knowledge. It turned to Boston’s world-class institutes to better understand the science behind poverty.

To help low-income families succeed, EMPath created a new roadmap to upward economic mobility. The approach focuses on the individual’s long-term goals. It guides each person in the areas of health, family life, career, finances, and education. And it builds skills that sustain results.

Many organizations soon heard about EMPath’s breakthrough success and wanted to learn more. EMPath developed The Economic Mobility Exchange™, which is a human services network to boost economic mobility. Members include nonprofits, schools, colleges, human services programs, and government agencies. Together, members learn EMPath’s approach, refine tools, share best practices, and advance policies to combat poverty.