About EMPath

EMPath transforms lives by helping people move out of poverty and we provide the tools for other institutions to systematically do the same.

EMPath’s metric-based, mentor-led, incentivized program model offers a viable roadmap that is recalibrating the way governments, nonprofit organizations, and policy makers approach their work with low-income families. For almost a decade, our Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® and the Mobility Mentoring® service platform, have been guiding low-income families toward economic independence. Our participants have used our tools to increase their incomes, secure permanent housing, attain education, and establish themselves in careers that help them break the cycle of poverty.

To break the cycle of poverty, we need to think in bold, rigorous, and engaging new ways. Investing in coaching for economic mobility rooted in emerging brain science is a proven approach to deal with the effects of poverty at the individual level. Through regular interaction with a well-trained mentor, individuals develop the skills to focus on goals, measure progress, and regain momentum after facing setbacks. This one-to-one approach needs community reinforcement to be successful. Unifying the social safety net with a metric-based, mentor-led, incentivized model gets results.